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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"Jane Austen" song and music video by Holly Christina

To all,

I would like to pass along to you all an email from a creative, musical young singer-songwriter/Janeite, Holly Christina, which includes a link to the Youtube link for her song and music video which I just listened to and enjoyed. One thing I know for sure is that Jane Austen would heartily approve of Holly's entrepreneurial spirit and witty playfulness.

Cheers, ARNIE


Hi Janeites in cyberspace,

Greetings from New Zealand. Hoping that many of you have a passion for all things Jane Austen, I'm sending you the link to the music video for my new song "Jane Austen":

The song takes us on a journey from the 2000s back to the 1800s. I would love to share this with as many Jane Austen fans as possible (who will hopefully enjoy the symbolism and humour of the song), so please feel free to pass this link on in whatever manner you wish. The song is available on iTunes.

Kind regards, Holly Christina

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