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Saturday, May 4, 2019

The Janeites group is looking for a few good Janeites to join our conversations!

To those of you who might be interested in participating in an email group devoted to discussion of all things Austen in that format, you might be interested in learning, if you don’t already know, that the Janeites group, which originated way back around 1999 (when it split off from Austen-L) has migrated from yahoogroups, which is on its last legs, to the wonderful new platform provided by io. Alas, the listowner Anne Woodley has still not been able to get yahoogroups to allow the vast archive of posts going back to 1999 to be shifted over to the io group page, but the discussion still lives on (under the friendly stewardship of Nancy Mayer, who’s been in that role from the beginning) like Scheherazade’s head, for another day, and posts are sent to the new email address for the group,

While the activity in the group is nothing like it once was, there remains a band of true friends who still participate regularly. I am proud to count myself one, and I know we all would love some fresh members to show up, so that we can have even more of the best company than we already have. The conversation is smart, we keep each other informed about the latest Austen-related scholarship, conferences, etc etc, but also have fun raising all sorts of Austen-related topics that provide grist for our mill.

So if you’re interested, go to this page  and join the group (as I recall, it was very easy to do, and I believe you had to join io first, and then this specific group). If you try, and you have any problem, for whatever it is worth, I’d be happy to try to help – just reach out to me.

Cheers, ARNIE
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