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Friday, March 23, 2012

August Wayne Booth's "answers in the literary form" which once again points to Jane Austen's Emma

In the last episode of Once Upon a Time (OUAT), August Wayne Booth found young Henry upset over Mary Margaret being suspected of the murder of Kathryn. During their brief conversation, the writers of OUAT provide us with several additional clues that they are using August as a kind of ventriloquist's dummy, speaking directly to the audience via his words ostensibly spoken only to Henry:

Henry: “She didn’t do it, why can’t people see that?”
August: “because, most people just see what’s right in front of them. I don’t think you can find the answers you want in the bottom of that mug.”
Henry: “Then Where?”
August: “That book in your bag. You know I’m a writer so I’m partial to finding my answers in the literary form.”
Henry: “it’s just a book”
August: “is it?”
Henry: “Yeah”
August: “I think we both know that it’s not the case.”
Henry: what do you know about it
August: I know it’s A book of stories.
Henry: aren’t all books?
August: Story’s that really happen.
Henry: “You think my book is real?”
August: “As real as I am”
Henry: “How do you know?”
August: “Let’s just say that, I’m a believer. And I want to help others see the light, that my friend is why I’m here.
Henry: “but I already believe”
August: “I’m not here for you buddy, I’m here for Emma”
Henry: “So you want to get her to believe, why don’t you just tell her?”
August: “There are some people like you and me , we can go on faith,. But others like Emma they need proof. “
Henry: “last time I tried to look for proof I got trapped in a sinkhole”
August: “there are less dangerous places to look”

[August points to Henry’s book] END QUOTE

As you can see, the writers of OUAT are winking so broadly and repeatedly at Jane Austen’s novels (including Pride & Prejudice, but most of all, Emma) that their eyes are in danger of popping out of their heads! ;)

As I suggested, above, just think of August as standing for the show’s writers, and Emma Swan as standing for the clueless viewers, and listen when August (the writers) keeps saying that the answers to all the mysteries in the SHOW are hidden in plain sight, visible to the viewers who know how to decipher the literary code–and the primary source of that literary code is Jane Austen’s greatest and most mysterious novel/fairy tale, Emma. Most of the 800 posts at this blog are about my discoveries of all the clues hidden in plain sight in Jane Austen's novels and letters, and I believe the writersw of OUAT have been pointing to Jane Austen as a continuing veiled homage to Jane Austen's genius.

Again, I direct you in particular to my several blog posts about the Austenian literary code hidden in OUAT, beginning with this one, which has had 2,383 hits during the past month, and keeps getting lots of hits even now:

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Raven said...

and of course later he is literally shown to be a kind of ventriloquist's dummy!