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Friday, March 1, 2013

Which are the most erotic passages in Jane Austen's Novels?

I have been posting the past week about the veiled allusions to Cleland's Fanny Hill that I see in Jane Austen's writings, and now a question has occurred to me, which I do not recall being discussed before in these groups, to wit:

Which are the most erotic passages in Jane Austen's novels? Even though there is obviously no explicit sex in any of her novels, the claim has often been made, I believe accurately, that Jane Austen had the power, on the  rare occasions that she selected, to subtly generate heat by means of her artful style of writing, without recourse to "vulgarity".

I have a couple of passages in mind, but will not state my answers until those, if any, who find this question interesting have responded. Please, don't be shy, feel free to comment, below, and give as much explanation as you choose.

And please note, I am talking about passages in the novels themselves, not scenes in the film adaptations of the novels. 

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