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Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Shirtless Horseman Vlad (the Impostor) Putin & Jane Austen's Pussy Riot

My post in August 2012 re Russia's Pussy Riot....

...needs an update. These truly heroic young women have now been released from jail in Russia by the shirtless horseman, Vladimir Putin, and they just appeared on The Colbert Report (watch all three of these links):

In my above linked blogpost, I pointed to the eerie, sad parallel between the imprisonment of the Hunt brothers in 1812, for 2 years, for daring to call the Prince Regent (i.e., virtually the King) of England the debauched, degraded, misogynistic pig he was in a newspaper editorial. It's exactly the same scenario, history repeating itself.

The Hunts were visited in prison by the best and brightest in the English cultural world, just as these modern Russian heroines have now received the best possible public platform to continue their vital work here in the US before returning to Russia.

And I am sure that Jane Austen wishes she had lived in a world where she could do exactly what Colbert did, and make her own sharp satire of "the Prince of Whales" (see the link in my blog post to the Colleen Sheehan 2007 Persuasions Online article) explicit, and not herself be thrown into prison. She'd sure be cheering Pussy Riot on!!!

So make this post go viral, so that everyone learns about what they're doing, and how brave they are.

A shirtless monster on a horse with as much power as any human being on the planet is nobody to mess with lightly, so bravo to them for responding to him with "Bring it on!", and let's support them in this brave peaceful protest against male chauvinist, homophobic "parental tyranny"!

Cheers, ARNIE

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