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Monday, August 17, 2015

A Pride & Prejudice quiz for those with Keener Penetration in discovering the Merit of a Quiz

I am thinking of a real person who fits ALL of the following criteria--see how many you can fill in (use of Google will be necessary to answer all of the numbered questions:

ONE: He was named explicitly in one of Jane Austen’s writings-like Mr. Darcy, his first name was an English name, his last name a French name. What was his name?

TWO: He owned a real life estate with spectacular vistas, that inspired Jane Austen in more than one way to create and name her most famous fictitious estate, Pemberley. What was his estate called?

THREE: He lived in close proximity to a real life sightseeing destination, with a name which Jane Austen used as the basis for a similar fictitious sightseeing location associated with the final coming together of Lizzy and Darcy. What was its name?

FOUR: He shared a hobby/skill with Darcy (D’Arcy?) and Bingley. What was that hobby/skill?

FIVE: His relationship vis a vis another man could be said to resemble that of Bingley vis a vis Darcy. Who was that other man?

SIX: He, like Darcy, is known in part for his Manners. What Manners was he known for?

I encourage you to consider these six questions as a connected group, and to make certain deductions and inferences about the various answers from considering them together.

Cheers, ARNIE
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Diana Oaks said...

I keep coming back to find out if anyone has posted an answer yet. I've chased down a dozen or so dead ends.