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Monday, January 4, 2016

Quiz about two surprisingly connected famous stories

Okay, I’m thinking of two literary works which have each retained a very different sort of fame for centuries, both of which have all of the eight following specific elements:

ONE: They both involve one or more “rambles” in “parks” during which encounters occur between romantically involved couple(s).

TWO: They both involve one or more “balls” which (of course) involve “dancing”.

THREE: The man at the center of both works has a complex personality and is from a noble family.

FOUR: That man’s wife is named Elizabeth, whose maiden name is 6 letters long, with the middle 2 letters a repeated consonant, and the last two letters “et”.

FIVE: They both refer several times to St. James.

SIX: There is an overt or covert reference in both works to “much ado”.

SEVEN: In both works, there is a social event with an in-your-face sexually transgressive person at its center, at which the guests make “merry”.

EIGHT: In both works, someone named Jane Bennet plays a key supporting role in all of the above.

So what two ramous literary works am I thinking of, and what are the names of their two very famous authors?

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