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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The long-chinned man, the laughing female, the cross-dressed servant, & the bewitched lover

There’s one episode in one of JA’s novels, and one episode in another famous novel written sometime before JA wrote her novels, as to which ALL FIVE of the following specific points are true. This strong parallelism suggests that the episode in JA’s novel was meant by JA to remind her well-read readers of the parallel episode in that earlier novel, for some reason(s).

Based on the following hints, can you name the Austen novel and then name the other author & his/her earlier novel?

There’s a male character with “a long chin”

There’s a transgressive female character who is ready to die of laughter

There’s a young male servant dressed up as a woman, whose disguise is good enough to fool a man

There’s a group of travelers on the road

There’s a “bewitched” man in love with a young woman whose looks are variously described in the novel as either beautiful or coarse in a country way

I’ll provide the answers by tomorrow afternoon, unless someone gives the answers sooner, and in any event I will also explain why I believe Jane Austen made this covert allusion.

Cheers, ARNIE

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