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Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Art of the VERY BAD Deal, by Donald Trump (ghostwritten by Vladimir Putin)

Now that the rats are finally beginning to abandon the rapidly sinking ship of Trump's candidacy, an extraordinary irony just occurred to me --- this is 1995 all over again with Trump -- just substitute the Republican Party for the lenders and investors who financed Trump's 90's casino buying binge, and substitute the double digit electoral loss Trump might be facing at this point for the billiondollar loss from those spectacularly failed real estate ventures that Trump deducted on his 1040, and we only found out about a week ago (in what we all naively thought had to be the biggest bombshell revelation we were going to get this election cycle---WRONG!!).
Here's the best part of this analogy in the "Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it" --- from Trump's point of view, his own life experience has taught him that despite the seemingly desperate, weak position he appears to be in at the moment, he is actually, vis a vis his "creditors" (meaning the Republican leadership that so reluctantly embraced him after his primary victory), in a position of strong bargaining power!
That's why I think he really is very unlikely to voluntarily walk away from his candidacy --- he has nothing further to lose by carrying on, because he will whine and whine and whine about the rigged system, and he will remain very popular with his large number of deplorable followers.
But the elders of the Party of Lincoln know that united they fall, but divided they fall further. So, unless (here's my punchline) they make it worth Trump's while to resign, he won't budge, he will do what he did in 1995 and stare them down defiantly.
And what might they have to do to make it worth his while? Perhaps the Koch Brothers will have to slip the Donald a cool BILLION (or two) under the table, money which would enable him to pay off Putin & his cronies who hold him by the kahones in ways that have only been guessed at by the rest of us, and maybe have enough loose change left over to buy an upgrade of Melania when she turns 50 in 4 years.
This campaign has now finally been revealed as an extended miniseries updated version of The Sopranos....

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