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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Another literary quiz with a twist

I’m thinking of a great work of literature that meets ALL of the following criteria:

It was written long ago by an author whose name is known to countless people, including many who’ve never read their works.

It was one of this author’s earliest works, but one that they significantly revised later in their career.

Among the general public, it is NOT the most famous of that author’s works.

It focuses on the theme of self-knowledge, and how one can help another person find it.

So far, those criteria are probably met by at least several works of literature. Now I narrow things down considerably:

It has a major male character who:
is a braggart of mammoth proportions;
who constantly lies;
contradicts himself in every other sentence he speaks;
who is particularly obsessed with racing his horses and chariots/carriages; and
who repeatedly uses the expression “By Jove!”

It has a major male character who repeatedly, teasingly asks questions which seem to be designed to provoke his conversation partner to think outside the box, to question basic assumptions, and to seek self knowledge.

It has a short scene in which clouds are observed and interpreted as meaning or signifying different things.

As you know from prior quizzes of mine, there may be one answer that appears obvious to you – but don’t stop, because I assure you that there are others reading this quiz who think that a different work than the one that came to your mind is the “obvious” answer!

Let me know (at if you come up with either or both answers, and then I will reveal both works, and how each of the above clues fit each of those works, by tomorrow (Sunday) evening PST.

Cheers, ARNIE
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