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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

A Triple Literary Quiz

I’m thinking of an author who produced:

ONE: A writing in which riddles and the number “3” are both given special, interrelated prominence in several ways;

TWO: A writing in which false modesty (i.e., an indirect boast) is expressed in specific regard to the speed of writing;


THREE: A writing addressed to the leader of the writer’s country (or to that leader’s literary representative) in which the writer claims to have modest, small-scale writing skills and ambitions, and to be writing as a duty and tribute to that national leader.

So, what author am I thinking of, and what works of literature?

As usual with my quizzes, beware of the “obvious answer”. Why? Because one answer may be “obvious” to one group of readers, but a different answer will be “obvious” to another group of readers. And I don’t believe there is much overlap between the two groups I’m referring to in this instance ……although, as the answer to this quiz suggests, there ought to be!

Also as usual, I will provide the answer(s) within two days.

Happy literary hunting!

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