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Thursday, November 11, 2010

P.S. re the Shadow Story of Hamlet

I just posted in the Shaksper group, responding to a satirical response to my reiterating there my longstanding claim that Hamlet was a key inspiration and source for Jane Austen to write all HER novels as double stories, because I discovered two years ago that Hamlet has that same double-story structure, with two parallel fictional universes.

I first posted about this subject in this blog a while back:

Now here is my current reply to the satirical comments (in quotes) about my ideas in Shaksper:

[Me earlier this week] "What I see in Poe's allusion is a veiled interpretation by Poe of Hamlet, in which Poe is, implicitly, suggesting that Hamlet HALLUCINATES the ghost!"

"Actually, Hamlet hallucinates not merely the ghost but the entire play."

[Me now] While the solipsistic interpretation of _Hamlet_ that you mockingly allude to is an interesting one, that is NOT what I am referring to. And it would indeed be mighty foolish of me to ignore that rather significant detail of the other characters beside Hamlet who see the Ghost in Act 1 -- and so let me allay your concerns -- I have given them full consideration, and haven't ignored them. I suggest to you also that there is more in this greatest of plays than has ever been dreamt of in your philosophy of literary interpretation ......and perhaps the last chuckle will not be yours.


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