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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blog Statistics can be very interesting #2

I can now see this is going to be a regular feature, I always wonder how people come to read in this blog:

Here are today's "strange bedfellows" of search terms, with my own "reverse engineering" to try to guess what triggered each search:

"a young olive branch"---that person was trying to make sense of Mr. Collins's cryptic birth announcement in P&P, a topic on which I have offered some more complicated explanations.

"attached to doctor marchmont pdf"-- and this person appears to have been looking for material about the match-breaking character Dr. Marchmont, from Fanny Burney's _Camilla_, but somehow found him/herself in my discussion of Jane Austen's Letter #5, one of a series of explicit allusions to Burney's novel, which had recently been published, and JA was obviously reading, at the time.

"jane austen"---now that might seem like not very interesting, but that this person found his/her way to my blog tells me that the search was in "Google Blogs", and sure enough, when I entered "Jane Austen", my blog is the fifth hit on the first page-that is good news!!!!

"janine barchas austen jane"---and this must have been someone who either heard Janine Barchas speak at the recent JASNA AGM (she was my favorite among all the other speakers), or who heard about it--I hope that person enjoyed my lavish praise for Barchas's presentation.

"lady gordon on jane austen"---Although I'd like to think that this was someone who read the Opinions Jane Austen collected about _Emma_ for the first time, and wondered who "Lady Gordon" was, I suspect it was someone who read my recent comments a few weeks ago on that very subject.

"present day elves stories"---This is the most enigmatic--if this person was looking for Lord of the Rings material, I am sure they were bewildered to find themselves in my blog!

"puzzle my beating heart" --there seems little doubt that this person had heard about, or recalled reading, the following entry in this blog:

And last but not least, this bizarre search term made yet another appearance:

sadistic stories--I think I will leave this one alone...again!

Cheers, ARNIE

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