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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Another little literary quiz with a twist

So.....I am thinking of a novel by a famous English novelist which contains ALL of the following TEN elements:

It has a married couple Mr. and Mrs. Norris.

Mrs. Norris has contempt for those who are enslaved (whether literally or metaphorically).

Colonial slavery is mentioned at certain key points, but is not central to the story.

There is a reference (which may or may not be explicit) to strange business in America.

A man who plays on an organ, and children dance to his music.

Lord Mansfield’s 1772 Somersett decision is strongly hinted at but never explicitly referred to.

Lord Mansfield’s real life is also strongly hinted at.

There is specific reference to the burning of books in anger.

The novelist alludes to Inchbald's Lovers Vows (but not necessarily in the same novel as the rest of these ten elements)

There is an important character named Tom who is of an artistic nature.

So, what novel and novelist am I talking about?

(think before you answer)

Cheers, ARNIE
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