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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

From Sergeant Pepper to Thriller to....Loopified? Yes! The Dirty Loops are the real deal!

I very rarely post here about cultural topics outside of the realm of great literature, but today is the exception that proves my rule.

A few hours ago, a dear old friend who played Edmund Bertram to my Fanny Price in college forty years ago, and turned me on to great music of all kinds, from the classical canon to the explosion of fusion jazz, has just given me another great gift--he told me I needed to listen to a group called The Dirty Loops, whom I had never heard of.

Based on his say-so, I immediately found Dirty Loops on YouTube, and I've been listening to the songs from their first album just coming out now, Loopified, over and over and over again, in particular the song "Wake me up":

For those of you who were not already in on the secret of Dirty Loops, remember you heard it here --- these three young Swedish prodigies (a bass player a la Stanley Clarke, a drummer a la Billy Cobham, and a keyboard player/singer who plays like Chick Corea but sings like Stevie Wonder) deserve to be the Beatles and Michael Jackson of this decade--they are THAT good!

The question is, are they too good to go really mainstream? I sure hope not, I want to see these guys collecting a batch of Grammies in 3 months, and then I REALLY want to see them live the next time they come to the US on tour (had I known about them a month ago, I'd have driven to Seattle to see them!).

Once in a generation, a musical collaboration manages to gather together the music of their time and crystallize it into a miraculous creation which is at the same time completely accessible even to untutored ears, and yet can provide intense listening pleasure to the most exacting musical taste.

These young men are the real deal!

There's nothing else for me to say, their YouTube videos will tell you all you need to know from here on in.

Cheers, ARNIE
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P.S.: Actually there is a Jane Austen connection here--if you first listen to how the Dirty Loops take this musical brass perpetrated by Britney Spears and her corporate handlers.... ...and then listen to what Dirty Loops does to transform that brass into 38 karat musical gold: ....then you will understand why I can't stop raving about their music, and you will also understand the kind of literary parody that Jane Austen pulled off in a hundred ways in her novels, taking the brass of the literature of her day, and transforming it all, via sophisticated parody only to be appreciated by the sharp elves she was really writing for, into her works of unfathomable genius.

I hear these brash, brilliant young men doing their own musical version of that alchemy.

P.P.S.:  Had Hamlet heard them play, he might have said something like this:
"I heard thee speak me a speech once, but it was never acted; or, if it was, not above once; for the
play, I remember, pleased not the million; 'twas caviare to the general: but it was--as I received
it, and others, whose judgments in such matters cried in the top of mine--an excellent play, well
digested in the scenes, set down with as much  modesty as cunning. I remember, one said there
were no sallets in the lines to make the matter savoury, nor no matter in the phrase that might
indict the author of affectation; but called it an honest method, as wholesome as sweet, and by very
much more handsome than fine."

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