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Monday, June 1, 2015

Another tempting literary quiz

I am thinking of two great works of literature, what are their titles and who wrote them? The following clues apply to both of them:

We hear about the affability and condescension of a godlike character who gives extremely influential advice to a married couple in the story.

There is reference to the danger of pollution of a beloved, magnificent place which is the home of a kind of deity.

There are many references to gardens.

The idea of loss is a frequent and principal theme in the story.

There are significant whispers in the ear of the heroine which attempt to warn her against danger of temptation by an evil seducer to sin, who is described as an angel of light and wicked.

A villain’s name, which is hidden in plain sight in code in the text, is identical in these two works.

The heroine is spellbound by the beauty of a place she finds herself which unites her in love with her man.

There is legitimate controversy as to whether the author was of the party of the apparent villain of the story.

Both of these stories are key sources for Shaw’s Pygmalion, and Shaw recognized many, if not all, of the above connections.

I will post my answer in the next two days, and hope to receive some answers (with any comments you wish to add) before then.

Cheers, ARNIE
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Karen V. Wasylowski said...

My guess - The Bible story of Adam and Eve, and also Pride and Prejudice. The first is obvious from the clues, the second I would guess only from your other analysis, which I still don't quite understand.