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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Blog Statistics can be very interesting

One of the cool things about a blog like this is that you can see some statistics about the readership--the geographical distribution, some of the URL links that led to my blog, and also some of the search terms that led some folks to the blog.

I just had to laugh when I read the 6 latest search terms, which I repeat, below, verbatim:

miami herald feature on arnold perlstein jane austen

"jane austen" death cause

arnold perlstein fraud in florida

jane austen pregnancy

jane austen sarcasm irony metaphors northanger abbey

shadow puns

I am reasonably certain that the third search term was NOT motivated by an interest in characters like Henry Crawford! It should be no surprise to anyone who follows this blog that some Janeites are not extremely overjoyed at things going well for me in my community organizing and my book project.

To which I say something along the lines of "Let them enjoy a self-oriented sexual experience if they can't take a joke!" or words to that effect!

Cheers, ARNIE

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