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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Who are you all out there????????

During 2012 and the first part of 2013, the readership of this blog has increased significantly, according to the blog statistics which I monitor regularly with great fascination.

I know that there are readers of this blog from at least 60 countries on every continent except Antarctica (gotta work on finding some penguin subtext in Austen's novels...), and my having clawed my way to 123 Twitter followers in 13 months has certainly helped me in that process.

Anyway, while I know that my style of writing posts does not strongly invite participation, I would truly love to hear from many of you who read in this blog regularly, on any Austen related topic you might wish to talk about, and not just about the specific topics I cover, which obviously are heavily tilted in the "shadow story" direction.

So...this post is my invitation to any of you who would care (preferably not anonymously, but with your real names) to sound off about Jane Austen, in any way you wish.

I think it would be particularly cool if some of you could get to know each other, based on your shared interest in what I write, and begin to communicate directly with each other about Jane Austen outside this blog.

And if there's anything I am not doing in the blog that you'd like to see, that might fit with the overall concept, I would welcome suggestions. 

There, I've put it out there, please don't leave my invitation hanging....

Cheers, ARNIE
@JaneAustenCode on Twitter

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