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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Exceedingly puzzling different accounts REDUX

[My response to the quoted excerpts written by Christy Somer in Janeites and Austen-l]

"I'm beginning to certainly feel as if there's some serious "Back-to-the- Future" bleed-through-and-time-traveling interpretations happening here~~~:-)"

You mean, Back to the Future as I press relentlessly forward into the past? ;)

"There seems to be quite a stretch of creatively poetic inter-connections that drive you to read and perceive these moments within the JA novels, as a transcendent reality existing within the world of her stories then, and interfacing with our dynamics around her -now It almost feels as if this Jane Austen's universe is being intersected and interpreted by the world of theoretical physics~~:-) "

Well, I have known for some time that JA's shadow stories are based on her own literary version of Heisenberg's "uncertainty principle"--where the two parallel fictional universes of her novels oscillate back and forth in my mind-sometimes a wave and sometimes "particular" (a word JA dearly loved to use to carry shadowy meanings)--does that count? ;)

"My developing understanding tries to remain open to being able to appreciate, when I can and when it may feel appropriate enough, these unique JA expanding sentiments that seem to exist behind your unusually presented containers ever-holding these growing past-present-future constructions."

As I've told you before, your polite and poetic responses to my stuff, and also your own explorations in Galaxy Jane, are always interesting to me, regardless of whether you accept any of my findings as valid, or not.

Apropos of which, I do have one specific question for you--what did you think, specifically, about my claim that the exchange between Darcy and Lizzy functions as a subliminal metafictional commentary on JA's novels themselves? I don't usually put you on the spot, but I think that particular claim of mine is particularly relevant to the ongoing dialog between us in these groups.

Cheers, ARNIE

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