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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Exceedingly puzzling different accounts REDUX

[Response to Christy Somer's below quoted comments]

[Christy] "Yet, when you start mixing up JA's novel's 3D environs with those expanding vibrational inter-connects -that many advance-science theorists, as well as deeply committed entheogen users, insist exist all around us and within us in a type of eternal, multi-dimensional simultaneity of consiousness- you must realize that it leaps way over the boundaries of a purely 3D literary discussion and comfort zone."

Christy, You make it sound much much more complicated and New-Agey than it is, and I am sorry if I gave that impression. All I am saying about that exchange between Darcy and Lizzy is that JA is speaking inobtrusively to her readers about the dual nature of her novels. She does this not by having the narrator make some obtrusive statement like "These novels are double stories", but by cleverly piggybacking on the words of her characters, so that the scene can be read on two entirely different levels.

This is not theoretical physics, this is metafiction--lots of 20th and now 21st century writers play these sorts of metafictional games-all I am claiming is that JA was doing it 200 years ago, in a hinting way. I infinitely prefer her way of doing it to what I have read in many modern metafictional writers, which I generally find impenetrable. Whereas with JA, the trick is to identify one of these passages--once you do, they are easy to read and understand--that's the beauty of what she did, that it hides in plain sight--to see it, one must change one's perspective. Very easy and yet very difficult.

Cheers, ARNIE

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