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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Joyce and Austen

[Elissa Schiff wrote] " it's just that whatever you may wish to "excavate" from Joyce's Ulysses has been found already by the hoards and minions of Joyceans. "

Ironically enough, that is no more true in Joyceland than it is in Austenland. I already know that for all the thousands of textual "trees" that have been found by Joyce scholars, there are some important aspects of the "forest" that have either not been seen, or have not been understood in full context, which I, with my curious perspective on literature, was able to discern very quickly.

Sometimes the hardest thing to see is the closest thing. Like an object viewed under a lens which is too close for the lens's focal point to be anything other than a blur. Or the grotesque image in the Holbein painting The Ambassadors which can only be clearly viewed from a side perspective.

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